These 3 Signs Are Known as The Mean Girls of The Zodiac

Your Zodiac sign tells a lot about your character, looks, flaws, and all. However, some Zodiacs will bad-mouth you without any regrets. 


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Known as obsessive-compulsive, Virgos realize their stress by cleaning the apartment or folding laundry. They are too demanding, and nothing is ever good enough for them. Love is something unfamiliar to them as well as emotions. They only enjoy sex. A robot is the only one more cold and emotionless than the Virgo. So don’t be surprised when Virgo stabs you in the back – they have planned it for a long time. 

Virgos are good actors, so you are unaware they have already written you off. Once she is entirely sure about it, she will tell you about her plans.

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Virgo is self-centered and focused on her looks (just like everything else, it has to be perfect). Virgos are not fans of passion, hugs, or showing affection – even her tears are fake.

If it weren’t for her anxiety, you would think you are dating a robot. Just don’t mix her concern with emotions. It’s a reflex and her way of letting off steam. She stays loyal only to herself.

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