3 Most Jealous and Most Complicated Horoscope Signs


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Loyalty:  If he thinks your relationship is going the wrong way, he will cheat on you. He doesn’t care. It’s not okay. But if he likes you, he will love you with all his heart (of course, you have to be something special).

Jealousy and complexity: 75%


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Loyalty: Taurus enjoys the safety and happiness of a solid and lasting relationship – especially with a rich woman (a bit of a gold digger). They won’t cheat on you, but they might have wet dreams about others 90% of the time. Hot girls don’t tempt them, but they stay in their heads. So if you are okay with them fantasizing about the hot girl from the office while cumming into you – then stay with them. 

Jealousy and complexity: 65%


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Loyalty: even though they want to stay loyal, it’s not in their blood. They will love like crazy one day and then ignore you the next. Then, they will hook up your best friend after a few months. If they are just casually dating you, they will constantly tease you. Once they are in love, they will treat you like a queen. When they get drunk, they are sex machines. 

Jealousy and complexity: 25% jealous – they don’t give a crap about you, but they are genuinely complicated – 89%

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