These 3 Horoscope Signs Will Say Everything But ‘Sorry Darling’

Proud and silent when it comes to admitting they are wrong. Some Zodiac signs won’t ever feel sorry, even in heated arguments. Maybe your partner is one of them. 


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Aries rarely says sorry. It has to be a real big screw-up for Aries to apologize. They would rather die than say sorry. Even if it is their fault, they will act like it’s not and might even get into an argument just to piss you off. 


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In an argument, Leo will do anything just to win it. Still, once it realizes it’s wrong, they will be willing to discuss it and give you a speech. But, of course, the address is written in advance and well prepared – the Leo has to appear as a winner.  


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Don’t hurt the Scorpio’s ego; you can quickly settle with them. If they are the cause of something, they will apologize soon. They will be very objective. 

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