‘The Wendy Williams Show’ YouTube channel has been completely deleted, following the show’s cancellation

WENDY Williams fans have expressed outrage after the show’s social media accounts and its website was deleted just days after the talk show was canceled against her will. Actually, they wiped her out like she never existed od the internet. No posts on Instagram with her on official account, no website, and now, no more YouTube channel.

OK, we know what she had done, but is this the right way to act?

On Friday, June 17, 2022, The Wendy Williams Show aired its final episode, writes The Sun

Fans took to Reddit to discuss the revelation that CBS producers have all but wiped the show’s online presence from the Internet.

The creator of the post titled the board: “ gone, Wendy’s Twitter Deleted.”

The user then explained, “The show’s website appears to have been taken offline, but I am shocked to see that they deleted Wendy’s Twitter”.

They continued: “WendyWilliams” is now deleted. They could have kept that for Wendy to use as she had millions of followers and it was HER account.”

Wendy Williams

The Redditor concluded: “I guess the YouTube [account], Facebook, and Instagram are next.”

More Wendy fans chimed in to give their thoughts on the sudden removal for

One emphatic Redditor wrote in all caps, “NOOOOOOOO. SOMEONE ARCHIVE THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS.”

While another person complained, “They are so bogus for all this!” and then agreed with the previous commenter adding, “better get all those clips in”.

wendy williams canceled

ans also voiced their distress after the troubled TV host was snubbed during the series final of the 13-season long talk show.


With Friday’s episode being the last episode of The Wendy Williams show, viewers were hoping to see the host make an appearance.

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