RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN: These 3 Zodiac signs are just the worst

Check if your Mr. Right is the one for you or if you are just losing your precious time? 


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If he doesn’t like you, he will not wait for you to realize it but will immediately move on – even if that is not fair to you. But if he falls in love (which is almost impossible), you are only the one. 

Jealousy and matching of you two: 75 % 


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They like the safety and happiness of a stable relationship. Especially if their partner is well off. They won’t ever cheat you in public, but they have done it a hundred times in their head. 

Jealousy and matching of you two: 65%


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Even if they want to be loyal, they just don’t know how to. They will love you for love and then just disappear. Then, after a few months, they will make a move on your friend. They love to flirt and tease you if they are not in a serious relationship.

Once they are in love, they want to please their partner but only for their own benefit. Therefore, they are excellent as one-night stands. 

Jealousy: 25 % – they don’t give a F.. About you 

Match: 89% 

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