RIDING SOLO IS NOT HOW THEY ROLL: 3 Zodiac signs who don’t like being lonely

Every sign has something that makes them unique. For example, some enjoy others’ company and making friends. Others are helpful and prefer being in a serious relationship. For some Zodiac signs, a happy relationship is the most important. However, if they become single, they are miserable. 


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Gemini is very friendly and like increasing its social circle. You can talk with them about anything and exchange experiences. On the other hand, if they do not speak with others, they start feeling lonely. They are not good at being single – Gemini starts feeling abounded and misses having someone beside them.


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Libra is a social – butterfly and likes making small conversations with others. They want to live in harmony. Her outgoing personality helps her make friends. But Libras feel miserable and lonely if not in a relationship.


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This sign likes to be in crowds. Aquarius is a very social person and enjoys traveling with a group. A good vibe in the crew is essential, and without it, they feel alone. The same goes for a relationship. When they are not single, they are full of joy and energy. 

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