NO BABY FACE FOR ME: Why do women fall for a guy with a beard?

A beard on a man used to be a symbol of wisdom, but a woman likes her man with facial hair for some other reasons.

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Although women complain a lot about facial hair, saying that it irritates their skin, it seems that the babyface is no longer a turn-on for the ladies.

A recently conducted study has shown that a man with a beard seems like someone ready to commit.

In the study, 8.520 ladies had the assignment to rank men’s photos according to how attracted they were and if they were nightstand material or someone in it for the long run. The study subjects were baby-faced men, a man with little facial hair, and those who groomed their long beards.

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The baby-faced males had the lowest score and were considered too feminine. The highest-ranking belongs to bearded ones who are considered husband material. The ones that kept it short could be viewed as an adventure or a summer fling.

The experts have explained that women associate beards with masculinity and dominance. Men with beards are considered as mature. Masculine, dominant, and more assertive, unlike those who like to keep it a clean cut.

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