EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY: Three Zodiacs that take their pants off on the second date

The stars tell which Zodiacs will give it to you after the first or second date. It doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t care about their reputation … 


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When it comes to courtship, they like aggressive and direct flirting. Do not ask if you can kiss them – just do it if the moment feels right. The stronger you come on, the better. 

They want you to compliment them and tell them they’re the most attractive on Earth. What really turns them on is arguing, so sometimes, even a fake one can make them all tingly in the right places.


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Leos like being in charge and giving you the orgasm of your lifetime. They like to flirt and be the center of attention. So if you want to win them over, give them all your time. 

Just compliment their outfit and make them feel like they are the best thing ever existed. Then, once you dim the lights, run your finger through his hair and whisper some compliments. Doing these things during the foreplay will make you both finish things (more than once). 


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Aquarius is straightforward –going; it’s easy to get into their pants because they don’t care if they will enjoy the sex or not. 

If you want them to enjoy it, say it’s for research, and you need someone to experiment with. Even if they laugh at you, they will acknowledge your sense of humor. The more unconventional you are, the bigger your chance is.

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