Millionaire’s Tips on How to Catch a Rich Man

Lu Ann Word is the owner of elite dating agency Perth’s Millionaire Matchmaker, helping millionaires find a wife for over two decades. Wealthy clients pay over 10.000 euros to find a perfect wife.

Women have asked how to catch a millionaire, and after asking a hundred men, she made a list of what those men like.


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As the number one trait is a perfect smile. Lu Ann said that for years she advised women to smile more because no one wants a woman show is always grumpy.

Seductive eyes

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Second place goes to eyes and a piercing gaze.

Peach emoji

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The third-place belongs to a fine, big behind. Men think having a perfectly shaped behind is sexier than big boobs, so women should start doing more squats after it comes with long legs, long hair, nice feet, and nails.


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Other than their looks, millionaires prefer intelligent women. Therefore, they need to have many conversation points.


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Men like it when a woman is acting like a lady and always want someone feminine.

Next on the list are playfulness, sense of humor, and confidence. The most interesting is maybe number six – vulnerability. A woman doesn’t always have to be strong – a combination of enthusiasm and openness is beautiful.

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