If You Are Doing Any of These Things, You Are Dating the Wrong Guy

It is hard to say how we found the right person, but it is easier to figure out when we are dating the wrong one. If you are doing anything because of him, you are dating the wrong one.


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It is simple – when a man likes you, he will show it. On the other hand, if he shows no interest in you, he probably doesn’t. Unfortunately, not all men are open and like the thrill of the chase.


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If you think your work is done just because you managed to get a date with him, you got it bad. A man who wants to take you out doesn’t have to be begged for it. He will make the first move.

If only you could change

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We all change a bit in a relationship, but if he wants you to completely change your personality or the way you look – he is not the one.

Finding excuses

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Not only are you lying to yourself, but you are also lying to others about how he will change. Of course, you should stand up for your man, but if you have to do it constantly, maybe he is the main problem.

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