Let’s Talk About $ex: 3 Zodiacs That Only Talk About Who Is the Best

As much as they try hiding their wild side, these Zodiacs think about $ex almost 24/7. They just cannot fight the fire burning inside.

Most won’t hold back even in public and will do anything to get your attention and make you think about $ex games. 


Charismatic, confident, and sexy – these three words are usually connected to the Scorpio. They are popular with other people, and you will understand how their minds work when you get to know them. 

They have dirty minds and are led by passion. Once they start liking someone, they often imagine making love to them and try to evaluate their lovemaking skills.


$ex is the only thing on Leo’s mind every day. So naturally, this makes them skillful in bed, and if you end up with a Leo, you won’t ever forget this experience.

They are very open-minded and like to experiment in the sack. They aren’t afraid to publicly show their feelings and get all touchy. 


Libra is one of the most subtle Zodiacs and is very good at hiding its passionate side. But don’t be fooled. It’s all about lovemaking. They $exualize every single thing – cucumber, ice cream, bananas….. 

They won’t admit it, though. Still, they are not fans of one-night stands or open relationships. They have to connect with someone on an emotional level before getting it on. 

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