3 Most Unreliable Zodiacs You Can Never Count On

You can never entirely rely on them because they are not trustworthy. These are the least reliable Zodiacs.


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Gemini is complex for many reasons, one being their inability to make a decision. They are social chameleons. Their curiosity and logical thinking create more trouble for them than help them. They like diversity and will sometimes lie their way to the top. 

However, if you are essential to them, they will become reliable. All you need is to be nice to them and communicate well. Share your opinion, and they will trust you. They want you to be open and trust them more.


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Leo is the star and wants to be the center of attention. Leo has a sparkly personality and is fun to hang out with. Unfortunately, the higher it rises, the lower it will fall. Their egoism makes them less reliable and prone to spilling others’ secrets.

Leo can be a great friend, worthy and reliable partner. This is possible only if you are honest with Leo and give it enough attention. Then, Leo will be more open and loyal.


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Sagittarius likes freedom. It enjoys traveling, living life fully, learning new things, and meeting new people. Their life is excellent and rich, but sometimes they forget the people in it. They give off a mysterious and egoistic vibe because they are not tied to one place and have a unique perspective on life. 

They are always on the move, and it makes them feel alive. They are always looking for the next big thing, and you cannot hold it against them. Being aware of it helps them avoid hurting others or ruining friendships. 

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