5 Weird Things That Will Happen After Your 30s

Even though you are still young, in your 30s, these are the years when your body starts to show unusual changes. Sometimes you will also wonder if everything is okay? Grays will not only appear up but also down, but the good thing is that you will enjoy yourself more.

However, women will experience the changes the most.

5. The cycle becomes strange

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A natural drop in estrogen and progesterone levels around the age of 35 can cause a change in the cycle. It can be shorter or longer, lighter or heavier, or occur sooner or later than usual. Some women also enter perimenopause (the transitional phase before menopause) as early as their late thirties, leading to physical changes.

While minor changes in the menstrual cycle are regular, if you notice significant changes, it is best to contact your gynecologist because they can be the consequences of something serious, writes the Huffington Post.

4. Grays do not only occur worse

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In your thirties, it is expected that you will start to notice a few gray hairs sticking out of the pubic area.

“Every now and then, I hear someone in the office complain about finding gray.” It’s just one of those little things that happen as you get older. Be careful if you decide to remove the treacherous gray hair – there are cases when people end up in the emergency room – said gynecologist Jessica Shepherd from the Medical University of Illinois.

3. Metabolism slows down

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Although these are the years when your body needs more time to process food, the good news is that you gain weight harder than in your twenties, writes the Washington Post.

In middle age, people gain an average of the half to a pound a year.

2. You could pee when you sneeze

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In the thirties, many women start to think that when they laugh a lot or sneeze, their bladder loosens a little, and they pee. This is not strange.

One in three women has a slight bladder drop, especially for women who have given birth, as childbirth can sometimes damage the muscles or nerves that control urination.

1. Love life is better than ever

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Women in these years relax and do not get tired of nonsense – they just enjoy it.

Research published on Science Direct explains that women between the ages of 27 and 45 have more fantasies and ideas and generally more sexual activity than women in their twenties.

Yet, with age and experience, women know what they want and like and are no longer afraid to say it.


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