Nothing To Do with Food: This Is The Reason Number One Why We Gain Weight Over The Years

Many felt it on their own skin – over the years becomes more difficult to take off excess weight and do not return them. Have you ever wondered why the years easier to gain weight? The answer that actually has nothing to do with food and eating habits find out below …

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There are several reasons why the years easier to gain weight. Still, the most significant loss of muscle mass occurs with aging in every person, says dr. Caroline Apovian, director of the Center for Nutrition and Weight Control in Boston and Vice-President of the Association for obesity.

Part of the muscle mass is defined as the most essential thing in the rate of metabolism. In other words, the more muscle mass, it will burn more calories. Muscle mass begins to decline around age 30, and this process is called sarcopenia, which speeds around 40 years. Suppose we do not do something to protect and build the defined muscle mass. In that case, your body will need fewer calories to gain weight. Your metabolism will slow down, and lost muscle mass replaces fatty tissue, explains Dr. Apovian.

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Along with sarcopenia, the culprit for increased susceptibility to weight gain and difficulty losing weight as we age are hormonal changes, increased tendency sedentary lifestyle, increased amount of stress, and lack of sleep due to the growing responsibilities and obligations.

Caroline Apovian gave the 3 tips to prevent a decrease in muscle mass:

Work the first exercise with weights at least twice a week, increasing with time and the importance of the weight and intensity of training.

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2nd, Get some sleep because sleep allows the body to be recovered and muscles to rebuild.

3. Eat foods rich in lean protein. The best protein sources include eggs, fish, poultry, and vegetable products such as tofu, beans, chickpeas, nuts, and seeds.

It is also important not to skip meals to “save” calories for a larger meal later.

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It is best to eat often small, tasty meals that contain protein and fiber. However, if you eat regularly, you will have the energy for strength training. Your metabolism will work fast enough. So you will not be tempted to overdo it with food, advises Jaclyn London, the chief nutritionist at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

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