Am I In Love Or Just Bored: There Is Truth To That Saying That Love Makes Us Blind?

Being in love prevents you from seeing things clearly, and we only know the person in the best light. So we cannot think straight, and everything is just peachy.

The man you see is better than who I am. I am not the man you think I am. But if you love me, I may become better – said Alexandra S. Pushkin. 

Did the Great Russian writer know that love makes us blind? 

We will make our lovers someone who they are not. We will say the best things about them. We fall for the version we see, even if it is entirely different from whom they are.

How much truth is there in the saying: “LOVE MAKES US BLIND”? 

Psychotherapists have a positive answer to this, saying that love clouds our judgment and we don’t see the person in their true light. We call this chemistry because the whole falling in love happens in our brain.

We have a perfect picture that we created ourselves. Then, suddenly we see this person and feel a rush. 

This doesn’t happen if we love someone because we love someone despite their flaws. The brain “calms down,” hormones are balanced, and we see clearly. 

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