Is It Okay to Tell Your Partner the Real Number of Ex-Lovers?

You have always asked yourself whether to tell your partner the number of ex-lovers. 

The beginning of a relationship is when you meet each other and have a million questions about each other.

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There is one question everyone fears the most – the EX. You ask yourself whether you should be honest or lie. There is no correct answer to this question. 

Let’s weigh in on that: 

Option 1: Tell the truth

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This is asked after the so-called “honeymoon “phase – after you start feeling comfortable around each other. The topic of past $ex life can make it less comfortable. If you decide to be honest, you may find it uncomfortable when you find your partner’s number.

The exact number of the people we have been intimate with can rock your relationship and raise other questions.

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Honesty can do well for your relationship if you are an open book. Even if your number is more significant than your partners, it doesn’t have to be that bad. 

No one should judge you because of your past, and if your number intimates your partner, then maybe this is not the right person for you.

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