7 Reasons Why You Have Bad Luck When It Comes to Love

The truth is that there is no right or wrong way to do something while in love. First, we listen to our hearts and fall into the embrace of the person we love. Then, we just let go and enjoy the perks of being in love.

However, if the relationship falls apart, we are looking for why it happened. We try to do something different, and we blame it on ourselves. Sometimes prejudice, wrong ideas, and attitudes about relationships also tear apart the relationship. Believing in those ideas will create trouble in heaven.


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Truth be told, this is one of the dumbest things people believe. There are some strange reasons why people do not want to get married. But the truth is nothing changes when the couple is in love, and they know each other well.


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It is impossible to always agree on everything, even if you are honest with others and yourself. There is always going to be something you cannot agree on. A good relationship is not the one without fights, but one where you solve it together. It is worse to deny the problems until they pile up.


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We don’t have much insight into others’ relationships; we only see some things or know the things they tell us. We don’t know how they deal with issues or how they make it fun. The fact is that most people think true love should be simple. But unfortunately, it is usually the exact opposite.

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