7 Things Men Are Insecure and Do Lie About

We have found out what men are most afraid of – just as we do, they also fear some things which might happen.

Here are some of the most prominent complexes men have – your man might want to keep this from you or avoid talking about it too much.


In their teenage years, they liked pretending to be all grown up and lying about their age just to seduce a girl. Over the years, they don’t like that they are getting older.


One of their biggest insecurities is height. Men who are not that tall feel insecure next to women in high heels. If your man is not as tall as you are, maybe you should trade your heels for sneakers.


Sweet ride and a lot of dollar bills are all men dream about. In the modern age where looks are the most important, it is hard to keep your sanity. Men feel more confident if they are rich.

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