5 Secrets You Should Tell Your Boyfriend

If you want a steady and stable relationship, you should always speak your mind! Some people keep secrets from others, and that’s okay, as long as it is not a burden. If your secret doesn’t affect your relationship negatively, it is okay to keep it.

We all have a right to keep some things to ourselves, but some things in the relationship should not remain secret. One of these 5 secrets could destroy your relationship, so it is better to come clean.

5. Cannot do it tonight

If you haven’t felt $exually attracted to your partner in a while, do not say it directly. It may destroy your partner when you say you have been faking it for months.

Try visualizing what might turn you on and reveal it to your partner. Suggest the help of the $ex toys, maybe try a new pose or do something wild and exciting. Usually, the flame is getting smaller, but it doesn’t mean it won’t raise again.


Keeping some things from the past hidden might not be a bad idea, but if there is something from your past you think may worry your partner, spill it out. First, you should tell him, and then someone else does it for you.

If you are the one who tells it, you will get the support, and it will bring you closer. Just talk to your partner about some past worries. It will do you good to get it off your chest.


You argued with your spouse, and instead of letting it go, you have come up with an insult to use in front of your child. If you have this nasty habit, know it will make your situation worse. Not only for your marriage, but your child might feel burdened or worse, it has to choose sides.

The best solution is to have an open conversation about your issues. Then talk to your child and say that talking badly about your spouse was a mistake you won’t make again. Next, try figuring out where these negative feelings are coming from and work on it.

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