3 Dream Girls of The Zodiac, Until You Cheat on Me!

They are the most charming, loving, and dedicated girlfriends. There is nothing they won’t do for the man they love.

She will walk through fire for you if necessary, but if you even think about crossing her over – she will show you what the hell on Earth looks like. So let’s see if your girl is one of these fatal ones.

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No woman likes to be criticized, ignored, or made jealous by her man. But, as much as she hates it, some women will just let it go while others will be very vocal about it.

She will raise hell if things are not her way. However, their punishment is original and well thought out – so it never crosses your mind to do it again.


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If Leo loves you, she will love you with all her heart, but if she hates you, she hates every inch of your body. She gives off the robust and untouchable vibe, but once it’s just the two of you, she becomes a softie. 

Leo’s two most essential things in a relationship are being in charge and being sexually compatible. If these two conditions are met, she will love you unconditionally.

Of course, she must hear that she is the only one for you daily.

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