9 Signs You Are in An Unhealthy Relationship

This kind of love is hard to recognize because it is considered normal. But have you ever wanted to love someone with your heart and soul? And do you remember the time you stayed in a bad relationship even though the love was gone? 

The answers to these two questions will reveal if you have been addicted to love. Here are nine signs that will help you determine if you are addicted to love.

Reason no.9: Refusing to break up

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You cannot break up even if the relationship is a toxic one. Even if the person does not love you, you stay in the relationship.

Reason no.8: fear of abandonment

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You keep constantly texting and calling him, and your biggest fear is his being out of reach. But, of course, this immediately means he is cheating on you, or he will break up with you.

Reason no.7: he doesn’t feel the same

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The anxiety, panic, and constant overthinking will kill you. If he breaks up with you, you might not survive.

Reason no.6: overthinking

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You cannot stop thinking about the future and the plans you made with your man, but at the same time, you are scared something will mess up your plans.

Reason no.5: he is the center of your universe

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Your relationship is the center of the universe and the only source of happiness. You cannot imagine your life without him. Everything revolves around him and your relationship.

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