10 Things Only a True Taurus Will Cross Off The List

10. Asking your friends for advice but already know what to do 

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Yes, the Taurus knows the solution, but they’ll still bug their friends about it. That’s how they roll! 

9. Me jealous?! Never in a million years 

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Maybe no one will ever guess how jealous you really are – you’re really good at hiding it. However, you will let it out in those four walls and maybe break a couple plates to demonstrate it.

8. People take you as a pessimist, but you’re just being real!

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Maybe your glass is half empty, but you want to fill it up and get drunk! That’s the point! 

7. Imperfection is okay! 

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One example of your love for imperfection: Even though the part is a total bummer, you are having the time of your life. Not even a night in can be boring for you. You just know how to have fun, no matter what the situation is. Always the life of the party! 

6. How can she be so independent! 

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Taurus doesn’t need anyone; they can function independently and have fun without any company. Even if they are stranded on a deserted island – they will have the adventure of a lifetime! 

5. Ice queen image hides a warm heart! 

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Taurus may seem like the coldest one like nothing gets to them. But, only true friends know what’s behind the mask – a warm and sensitive person. 

4. Reliable 

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Money, clothes, time… Just name it. You’re always there to help your friends in any way possible.

3. I will take your secret to the grave! 

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What happens in Rome stays in Rome! You can be sure that your secret is safe with a Taurus. 

2. There’s no time for tears!

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Once your partner becomes moody and brings negative energy into the room, you’re gone with the wind. It may not be fair, but it is what it is.

1. I won’t stop until I have it 

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There’s no mountain high enough for the stubborn and relentless Taurus.

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