10 Reasons Why Virgo and Leo Are One In A Million

They are reliable, strong, organized and incredibly charming! People born in August are either Leos or Virgos. They’re easy to love and have a strong character. Either you know a Leo or a Virgo or maybe you are one. Here are some interesting facts about people born in August.

10. Reliable , strong and organized 

Leos are physically and mentally strong, proud and charming. Virgos are quite organized, precise, practical and reliable. Their charm is different from Leo’s charm.

9. Born leaders

People born in August are usually in the leading positions with their charm and confidence.

8. Compatible with one another  

Leos are ruled by the Sun which makes them very passionate. Virgos, whose ruler is Mercury, are great at communication and coordination. Such partners complete each other and create a nice balance. 

7. Not compatible with Aquarius and Pisces 

A sign which is across from your sing is your worst match. That’s why Leos and Virgos aren’t compatible with Aquarius and Pisces. The relationship between them can be quite challenging. 

6. Bright but stubborn 

Leos and Virgos show signs of intelligence at a very young age. But sometimes, they are too stubborn. 

5. Always in the spotlight

Leos like being the center of attention. They’re very creative and are not good at following rules. A lot of actors and artists are Leos. Their charm is irresistible, which makes them popular in the entertainment industry.

4. Good teachers

Both signs are really good at teaching. They can easily make you pay attention and it leaves them a lot of room for career choice. Their natural authority makes them good teachers.

3. Emerald is their favorite

They are tied to a gem of green color which is sometimes mixed with other stones – EMERALD.

2. A common birth flower

The birth flower of people born in August is the sword lily. It’s a representation of the strength and moral integrity of Leo and Virgo.

1. Last signs born in the summer 

August is the last month of the summer, so Leos and Virgos are the last signs representing summer. 


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