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Young Mother Dies Days After Giving Birth, But Saves Lives With This

Life isn’t always fair. A few times, we experience such loses that continuing on appears to be a unimaginable mission.

Kathleen Thorson, from Medford, Oregon, and her better half Jesse were secondary school darlings. They were together for quite some time and hitched back in 2006. God favored them with four delightful kids. All that looked picture awesome and they were the sort of family everybody respected. However at that point, a misfortune struck. Only days in the wake of bringing forth her most youthful kid, child kid Teddy, Kathleen experienced an intracerebral discharge and died several days after the fact.

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Her family’s reality broke into 1,000,000 pieces. Her four kids were left without a mother, and Jessy lost his first love.

“We never spent a minute apart,” Jesse told Good Morning America. “We had 14 years and used every minute of it … there are no regrets of how we spent the time, just about the amount of time we had.”

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