YOU MEET SOMEONE LIKE THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME: 11 things that make a Capricorn special

People born between December 22nd and January 20th are Capricorns. Although there are many mysteries surrounding this sign – they’re loyal, ambitious and sensitive.

These are the things that make them stand out in the crows :  

1. Friends turn to lovers 

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Capricorn will first build a friendship and then slowly become your lover. They are all in – even if you aren’t. If you give them all your love, the good and generous lover is your reward.

2. More fun than they seem 

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At first, they are shy and dull until they become more confident. After you win their trust over, they become funny, spontaneous and interesting. 

3. Loyal to their friends 

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A Capricorn wants you to be their first and last love. Never give them a reason to doubt you and they will show their loyalty. You will never have to fear being cheated on.

4. My way or the highway! 

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Having a lover who is always in control may sound hot and sexy, but if you ever try being in charge, just forget it! They’re very petty and like to boss around.

5. Good stamina! 

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They give great importance to looks and the aesthetics of their love nest. Capricorn is a traditional romantic and when in the bedroom, you will feel like in a rom-com. They are not that creative in the sack, so they don’t have high expectations. However, their stamina is good and they can make love all night. What more do you need? 

6. Overly sensitive

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Don’t go breaking my heart! A Capricorn can be pessimistic. If you can make them smile, you will be awarded a heart-wearing smile.

7. Analyze your potential 

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Even if you didn’t think about taking it to the next level, be sure that a Capricorn is thinking about it. Are you in it for the long run? What kind of a parent will you be? What are you going to look like in old age? 

A Capricorn is focused on the future, and they might think of you as an investment.

8. The thrill of the chase 

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A bunch of roses and a dinner at a low-budget restaurant is their idea of a perfect date. They expect nothing more even after years of dating. They get mad if you forget about birthdays or anniversaries (buy presents in advance). But, of course, the God of organization has it in his calendar.

9. The brain is their g-zone 

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Talking about grave topics is what turns them on. They like to show off their intelligence and are impressed by big brains. Intelligence is the new sexy, isn’t it ?

10. Scaredy cats 

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To win the Capricorn over, you have to keep it conventional and avoid surprises. Anything out of his comfort zone is forbidden. 

11. “Softly, softly, catchee monkey.”

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Capricorn will choose a relentless partner. Try to count them as long as possible. Proving you loyalty and love is of high importance.


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