You Are the Love Of My Life: 32 Little Things He Does That Tell You “I Love You “

Here are the little things a man does which say he is genuinely in love with you: 

1. He casually mentions you to his parents

2. He makes sure his room or apartment is clean when you are coming over 

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3. He buys your favorite candy just in case you want to have it 

4. He shares a picture with you or makes it his background, so he can let others know the two of you are together

5. He invites you to hang out with his friends 

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6. He stops everything to concentrate on what you are saying 

7. He makes your favorite food

8. Before he plans anything, he checks with you 

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9. He gets up earlier, so he spends more time with you before you leave for work

10. He leaves a sweet note for you 

11. He makes you coffee before he leaves for work

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