You Are Nothing Without Me: 4 Ways He Is Manipulating You Without You Even Noticing

There’s a thin line between being protective and being possessive and controlling.

“Although women are usually possessive, men tend to become more violent if they think their love life is in danger,” – says doctor LuAnn Brizendine, a professor of clinical psychology at the University of California.

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The problem starts with a gentle warning which in time becomes controlling, while our partner tends to become violent. It all happens cunningly and sneakily.

This is how he manipulates you:

For example, he can discover your weak spot and convince you with his charm that everyone is plotting against you while he is protecting you. He must set you apart from your friends and family, so you can entirely rely on him. That way, no one can convince you otherwise.

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Once you realize he is the bad guy, it is already late. There are. However, subtle signs warning you he is the manipulative type. The first and the most suspicious one is his snooping around

It is fishy if he starts commenting on your behavior and acting jealous because you laughed at someone else’s jokes, or if someone is flirting with you, he makes it your fault.

Also, he wants to make you emotionally weak and wants you to stop spending time with others so he can have you all by himself.

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You should be especially careful if he won’t let you do some things alone, thinking he is protecting you (it is just an excuse). It is not expected that your world revolves only around him. He is constantly jealous and dramatic and will cause scenes in public.

These are the 4 signs of manipulation you should be careful about:

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