You Are Mine And No One Else’s: 3 Most Jealous Zodiac Signs

Jealousy is sometimes hard to distinguish from love. It is not good if someone is too jealous or not jealous at all.


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Aries have trust issues, so they will keep an eye on their partner and analyze their behavior. A slight chance of conduct, and they become suspicious and react impulsively.

They are capricious and will surprise you with their reactions- put away the plates or any jewelry. 


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Leo is jealous, but it is not as apparent as in other Zodiacs. They make it look like it is part of their charm. 

Their pride is hurt because of high expectations or the fear of not being loved. They are most afraid of being cheated on.


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Scorpio is the most jealous Zodiac. When they show it, they are blatant about it and don’t pick what they will say. 

They won’t openly tell you they’re jealous, but their faces will.

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