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Wife Walked Out of Husband’s Birthday Dinner After His Former Girlfriend Made a Surprise Entrance

Recently a woman revealed that she walked out of her husband’s birthday party because his former girlfriend showed up and ruined the whole event.

The wife shared a post on Reddit and wrote that she had been dating her husband for the last three years and got married only five months ago.

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 “My husband and I have been together for three years and married for five months. Our relationship has been without any problems until the week before our wedding. My husband was very close friends with a woman (Let’s call her Ava) that he has known since they were sophomores in high school.” She wrote on the platform.

“I never had a problem with Ava, I thought it was very obvious that she and my husband are just friends, I mean she had a long-term boyfriend and all. So, I felt no jealousy or anything. I actually got along with Ava pretty well. We all hung out together regularly.”

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