Who Suffers More After a Breakup – Men or Women?

A recently conducted study showed that it takes around two years for a woman to get over the breakup and move on with their life, while men handle it way better.

Men do not share their problems, making it seem like they get over them quickly. Instead, they return to their routine quicker and start a new relationship more straightforwardly.

What is interesting is that the study showed it is all just a pretend game because women are the ones who get over it quickly. They cry it out, analyze everything that happened, and close this chapter of their life.

After a break–up, men mostly do not think it over and get caught up in work. In the beginning, they get busy with something to take their mind off the breakup.

Not everyone escapes their problems the same way; some do it with work or booze. These are all the ways that men use to boost their confidence. This helps them only for a short period, but after some time, they just lose it.

Men like to adapt to their family and partner, so getting used to the new life is hard, and they often turn to self-destructive behavior. Then, years after a divorce, they are unaware of what happened and its reason. 

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