What You Cannot Tell Them: Pisces – Gossips About Them, Aquarius – That That’s a Stupid Idea

Pay attention to which way you will say certain statements and which sentences you should avoid.

You may be trying to help someone with the best intentions, but pay attention to how you will “package” that statement and what kind of statements you should avoid.


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If you say to Aries, “I’ll call you later,” you’ll be in a wrong position. The situation is even worse for essential things because they are incredibly impatient.

Then they become nervous and analyze how much they mean to you if you put them in a waiting position, which their ego can’t stand. They will be equally annoyed by statements like “You are boring” and “I decide”.


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Members of this sign find it difficult to tolerate people who brag too much, especially those without cover. Because of this, it is challenging for them to smile politely while someone praises them.

In addition, the pressure will jump if you tell them: “You’re so stingy,” because they do not like to question their motives or to explain their actions. They will not be particularly pleased if you tell them: “Food is not really something,” with given the special relationship that Bulls have with food.


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Members of this sign are known for their eloquence and for “dying rather than keeping quiet.” That’s why a statement like “Please shut up” is a big blow and a reason to be angry with them.

They won’t even like it if you tell them, “Why don’t you laugh/eat/cry?” because they are straightforward people who have a good reason for it if they don’t do something. But, after such a question, they will likely pour the cruel truth into your face.


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Members of this sign are annoyed by people who impose themselves, especially if they divert attention. Although they are not vain, they are sensitive that people perceive them as such, so they are burdened with whether someone is unfair to them.

They will also mind if you tell them: “I will come earlier”, because they do not like to change their schedule and prefer people to be late than to find them unprepared.


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The members of this sign are pretty vain in their appearance. They are even a little burdened by it. That is why the statement that something else suits someone will bother them, even if it is packed with well-intentioned criticism.

If you have nothing nice to say about their appearance, it is better not to tell them anything. They will also be bothered by statements like: “I expected you to…” because they don’t like the feeling that they didn’t do something right, so they need to justify themselves.


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Members of this sign, meticulous and organized as they are, most do not tolerate grammatical, spelling and speech errors, even if they are in someone’s dialect.

Besides, the way people communicate is significant to them. They will be annoyed by all statements in which they are disrespected, for example: “Think what you want” or “I don’t care what you think about it”.


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