What He Loves and Wants: How to Seduce and Conquer a Man According to His Zodiac Sign

Maybe all men are created equal, but that doesn’t mean they are all the same, especially in romance.

So here are some “star” ideas to help you make the right impression on the man you’re interested in. First of all, you need to find out his zodiac sign, and after that, follow the following tips.


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The first man in the horoscope does not want to feel like an ordinary man but like the “only” man. So when you are with him, let him be the center of your world. Eye contact, “smart” questions and avoiding texting. Still, please don’t spend too much time with him, because otherwise he’ll think you don’t have your own life.


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Not only does he have better visual perception than most men, but he also has sharper senses in general. He cannot change his nature and is not to blame for being attracted to women who smell vanilla, have beautiful hair, and take care of themselves. And it’s not your fault that you know it now and that you’re going to use that little secret to seduce him.


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He is attracted to sharp women who can keep the conversation interesting. He also likes when his friends are interested in your intelligence. But, of course, a smart woman knows when it’s time to stop talking and start listening.


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Despite his stubborn and complex personality, this man is a soft soul. He seeks a woman he can trust, who is kind, loving, supportive and a safe haven for his tender heart. Show him you’re sensitive and he’ll be crazy about you.


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He is charismatic and, as far as he is concerned, attractive and intelligent women are always interesting to him. However, the sense of humor is a special quality that surpasses all others.


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He is not attracted to women who are too se*y. He wants to know that you are an utterly quality person: motivated, compassionate, interested in life and moral. However, he is not so much a purist. It can be said that he is attracted to women who are “buttoned up to the throat”, but with the upper button unbuttoned.

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