What Draws and Takes Off Strength of Every Horoscope Sign: Because Of This, You Have No Will and Energy


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It depresses you the most when you start to feel like you’re not moving. You always like to be entertained by something and be productive. You always want to stay active and on the go.

Therefore, whenever you are forced to be calm and not move, you start to feel really bad. You feel like you’re not contributing to the world and wasting time.


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You are known for always striving for perfection. You are deeply motivated, you always like to fight for what you want and rarely anything can confuse you. However, you are not coping well with failure. And whenever you fail to achieve your goal, you usually feel unfortunate and depressed.


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Like Aries, you always like to move. But more than physically moving your body, you want to literally move from one place to another. You are a wanderer and hate to stay stuck in one place for a long time. That’s why your most significant trigger for depression is when you’re forced to stay in one place.


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You always take care of yourself and don’t like to open up to others. You always want to retreat into your shell and deal with your own problems and difficult emotions on your own. The problem with this is that you sometimes put so much pressure on yourself that you just can’t handle it.


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You are a proud and selfish creature. You really have trouble letting things go, especially if it has hurt your ego. This is why you are sometimes depressed. It’s hard for you to forget past events, it’s something that constantly haunts you. So you have to detach yourself from the past.


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Your lack of self-confidence and self-esteem is what triggers your depression. You don’t really think much about yourself. That is the reason for your sorrow. You always say ugly things to yourself and believe in your helplessness.


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