What Bothers Every Sign: Sagittarius Does Doubt in His Mind, Aquarius in Originality


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You rarely worry about saying the wrong thing. Because you tend to act before you think, the same goes for what you say.

You can become anxious, limit yourself, lose your cool, and suddenly say the worst thing you can say.

You are afraid that you will mess up at this crucial moment because of this weakness. However, if you just pause and take a moment to think, you may not become so anxious and lose control of your verbal skills.


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You can become insecure about what you have when you compare yourself to another person. For example, you realize that you have made your home your palace, yet when you see a fraction of the expensive things your neighbors and friends have, you become insecure, writes The Earth Child.

Be thankful for what you have and remember that you don’t know how insecure and unstable others are. They may be jealous of your pizza oven or how your home is always tidy in general.


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Your weakness is activated when you see pictures of socializing and events on Facebook where you were not welcome. No one can be welcomed everywhere and it’s not so much that the hosts don’t like you or think you’re not good company.

You never know what they were guided by when they made the guest list. For example, suppose the parents are and have not invited you to their child’s birthday. In that case, it may be because they were only able to request a small number of guests and only the parents of the other children were invited.

Try not to take such things literally or prove that you are undesirable.


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When you feel miserable, you start to feel shaken up and like you are too much of a burden to people in life. You ask too much of them and you are afraid of losing them so your insecurity makes you cling to these people too much.

Lighten that tight attachment a little and give people space to breathe. Then, when they confirm this several times, it will help you hear that you have several positive qualities and convince you that you deserve love.


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You have an intimacy that is greater than life. Yet, in some cases you feel that individuals believe it is false and that you are not honest about your identity.

The truth is that you don’t need to doubt yourself – you are that dynamite and people not only appreciate you but love you.

You’re great, and you don’t have to pretend to be the main ones and put that in the foreground for people to know that.


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You tend to be overly critical of yourself. When you fall into that state, every little thing related to you grows into a massive imperfection in your eyes.

Stop searching for perfection, no one is sinless and you are of no use if you put such a burden on yourself. Instead, appreciate your flaws – they make you even more intriguing.


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