Two Most Important Things to Consider Before Marriage

American psychologist William James says that one of the biggest reasons couples break up is that one person doesn’t feel appreciated. So, you should use these two words to save yourself from heartbreak. It’s simple just say: THANK YOU.

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According to James, the problem is not that we don’t say thank you enough, but when someone does something nice for us, we just overlook it.

Saying thank you too often may lose its value, but it can significantly impact if you say it at the right moment.

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It goes without saying” is the most dangerous phrase in a relationship. Of course, our partner knows we are grateful, but it is still nice to say it and make your partner feel appreciated.

The same is true for men – most of them don’t feel the need to thank their lady for making the dinner. Instead, they consider it every day, but their lady feels like she is not being appreciated and starts to distance herself.

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