Total Disclosure: Angry Taurus Is a True Problem on Its Own, Cancer Cannot Survive Without Suffering

To all of us, it seems like we were born under an unlucky star in some periods of life.


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He clings to unconquerable fortresses and does not admit defeat until he is entirely mentally destroyed. Aries wants everything now. Waiting is terribly tiring for him, and tactics are his noun. He doesn’t admit mistakes for a living, and he rarely learns anything from them. He is unhappy when there is no one to admire and love those who love him.

He is selfish and aggressive and never gives his all. He goes head over heels through the wall and rarely thinks about the consequences of his actions. So he is often surprised when all the troubles of this world fall on his head. However, it has thick horns to protect it (and thick skin).


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He is pretty happy with himself and his life until other people get involved. Then, complacent, silent, annoying, he creates problems for himself to break the monotony.

And when problems arise, he turns into a maniac, who insanely wields everything that falls into his hands and pours anger on everyone, without distinction, and especially on those who are least to blame for him.

He will be pleased if no other people put pressure on him. He would sit on the top of his hill, smell the flowers, and perform his daily rituals… Until he died of boredom.


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The twins are valid for fickle and duplicitous people with double standards. They are characterized by curiosity and intelligence, frivolity, irresponsibility, lack of concentration, and nervousness. They often experience life as a game, so they remain immature until old age. In doing so, they often behave the way they think they should, not the way they really are.

They often treat others superficially and run away from any seriousness. They push problems away from their eyes, only to get them back when they least expect it, like a boomerang. Then, when they feel on their skin the same justice they shine around others, they curse all the forces of space and darkness that were born.


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Crabs are too sensitive and unrealistic. They often take on the role of a victim without any visible need because they experience pleasure and catharsis through suffering.

Because of their insecurities and indecision often fail to achieve their dreams and goals, making them even sadder. They are not ready to work too hard to succeed because they get bored quickly.

They expect others to pay full attention to them. They consider anything less than someone else’s carelessness and insensitivity. Maybe this is the sign that most often wonders why he is so unlucky. In fact, his suffering has no objective basis. Cancer only realizes this when real problems arise.


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The lion must dominate. He does not tolerate objections and criticism because he believes he is perfect, infallible, and deservedly in the center of attention.

Because they have grandiose plans and desires and a complex of higher values, the Lions’ pots are often broken into the most ordinary life situations.

Suppose they do not achieve something really great. In that case, they will view their entire life as a failure and themselves as unlucky because they failed to realize their potential.

They will blame the situation, politics, the state of science, parents, friends… everything but themselves for their failures. And he will be very cheeky.


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Virgos are skilled in solving other people’s problems and counseling, but they do not know how to help themselves. When they are nervous, they scrub, polish, clean, polish, so their living space is so sterile that guests feel a little uncomfortable, tense and uncomfortable. They tend to pack everything neatly in their lives in drawers, label it, sort it, and when something resists, they panic.

Their lives are constantly unpleasantly surprised. They just sorted everything out, and a glass of wine spilled on the carpet. They just stuck you in their emotional compass. You did something unexpected. Now they have to examine everything again, name it li. Their whole life is correcting some wrong drins, so they often wonder what they did wrong to God to have such a fate.

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