This Mistake Can Cost You Your Relationship

If you want to have a long-lasting relationship, but it seems like it isn’t possible, maybe you should change something.

Many single successful, pretty women go all the way to find a soul mate. Relationship experts Alexandra and Kristina Corey tried figuring out what is the reason.

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They have concluded: do not rush to do it once you meet a man.

We don’t say to wait until the honeymoon but don’t give it up on the first date. Just wait until you feel these three things – love, trust, respect, and safety…

They explain that women need some safety and men want $ex as soon as possible, ignoring safety and everything a relationship brings. Not all men, of course.

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If you want to test your man, you restrain from doing it for a couple of months. That way, he will try hard to win you over. If you do it right away, he won’t have to try.

By not giving him the $ex of his life, you want him to try, and you are not accessible.

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