This Is the Reason Why You Have Bad Luck with Guys

If most of your exes are bad guys, you have a severe problem – fear of love. It might sound contradictory, but this is why you always pick guys who are not suitable for you.


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Bad boys can bring you a lot of fun but twice the pain. You have the wrong idea that good guys finish last. Women who fall for bad boys think they like them being unpredictable, but they are afraid of being loved properly.

Age is just a number

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The modern version of this issue is the boy who refuses to grow up. Friendly and playful, but utterly clueless about their future. They bring the fun to the table, and that’s about it. He may not be the best choice if you are looking for a serious relationship.

Forbidden fruit 

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The reason he is the forbidden fruit doesn’t matter, but in any case, he is not available. Forbidden fruit tastes the best for the women who are afraid of being loved.

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