They Are The 3 Most Handsome Zodiac Signs: But Number 1 is The Best!

Everyone likes to check their horoscope, even if that person doesn’t want to admit it. But some people believe in it more than others. So which Zodiac is the best one? It depends on the criteria you are using – there are the most handsome ones. Are you in the first group?


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Cancer is considered the third on the hottie list. It’s tough to win over the romantic Cancer. Cancer remembers the exact date and time it laid its eyes on you when you defined the relationship when it was your first meal together. They remember minor details about the two of you. 

On the other hand, their mood swings are hard to handle. If you can, you are in for a dedicated cook and breakfast in bed for the rest of your life. They have strong $exual desire, which can be fun. If you want them to fall for you, play the needy card.

2. LEO

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The number two on the most handsome list – but do not say it. They want to be the first in everything. Leo is full of principles, kind-hearted, and optimistic. They know all the cool people and can get you into the grooviest clubs. It’s hard to resist their warmth and charisma. Leo will make you the center of his universe.

Getting so much attention is a kind of a turn-on for most people. Leo is better at most things than most other people. The issue with the Leo is its high maintenance. Leo has the smirk that gets into everyone’s pants.


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The winner of the beauty pageant is the Scorpio. If you have dated a Scorpio, you are no stranger to its irresistible charm. Even if the Scorpio is not the prettiest, they have this hard-to-resist aura. If you look into its eyes, you are done. It is hard to describe what makes it so unique.

This mystery is what turns people on. Along with their appeal, they have some power, and it seems like they can read your mind. If you are not sure how you are feeling, ask the Scorpio. If you want to get it on with the Scorpio, act mysterious and wear all black.

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