They Are Better Riding Solo: 3 Zodiac Signs That Rarely Stay Married or In a Relationship

They like to be single more than anything and hardly pay attention to their partner. So for them being in a relationship feels like being in a trap! 

Most people want to have someone to spend their day with. Marriage or relationship, we all want someone by our side in sickness and health. Still, not everyone is that lucky. These three Zodiac signs are tough to love: 


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Their confidence might be attractive, but their need for control and obsessive planning might drive you crazy. They cannot stand someone who has a strong character, so if your relationship with one is going well – be sure he is playing you like a puppet. 


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They were born to be single because they are critical and want to change everyone they meet. They just want all people to be perfect like them. Therefore, they expect impossible things from you and will conduct secret experiments until you meet their criteria. 


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There are many good things about Scorpios that make them a good catch. If there wasn’t for their ambition and wish to succeed, they might accept you as you are. But instead, they want you to accommodate them and their needs. It would be a miracle if they made a compromise and tried to put someone else first.  


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