They Are 3 Most Evil Women’s Zodiac Signs


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Capricorns won’t show their emotions to their next of kin. They can spend a lifetime with you and still won’t tell you how they feel or think. Capricorn is a dark, twisted coward. 

The first sign of danger and they are immediately running away – you are left to face the consequences. If they have slipped up the “L “word, don’t believe it – they are not reliable. They don’t have it in them to feel affection. 


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Virgos are incredibly demanding. They won’t be happy even if you give them the stars and the moon. You won’t see those showing emotions, and they have no clue what love feels like. For them, it’s all about getting physical. Virgos are hypocrites and back-stabbing, primarily if it benefits them.

The worst part is that they even don’t regret it. Instead, all they care about is themselves.


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Even if the Scorpio goes down, they will take someone with them. Then, living a carefree life, they go after booty calls. They don’t believe in monogamy.

Extremely possessive and jealous, Scorpio is emotionally unavailable. If you hurt them, their revenge will be terrible – even if served cold. 

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