These 4 Zodiacs Are the Best Lovers: Here’s How to Make Him Yours

Let’s find out who the biggest Zodiac flirts and lovers are and how to sweep them off their feet!

The Emotional lover ~ Cancer

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As the most emotional and sensitive Zodiac, Cancer needs a gentle touch and emotional connection with its partner. They value someone caring and will notice if you are a good person. They have dedicated lovers, and the $ex is fantastic. One thing you should not do is let them down. 

101 on seducing the Cancer

The Cancer will be for a spontaneous and romantic seduction. They will especially like someone intelligent and honest. They prefer girls who dress casually, not overdoing it with sexy outfits.  

The $exual one ~ Scorpio

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The most sexual Zodiac is the Scorpio. Sometimes they use a person for their own gain, especially regarding their $exual satisfaction. The Scorpio can hypnotize you, and they are beautiful. The only problem is the lack of emotions.

101 on how to seduce the Scorpio

It is tough to seduce this Zodiac because they are the biggest flirts. Still, there is one soft spot they have – alcohol. If you get them a bit drunk, they will give in, which is your chance. But, of course, you will still have to be careful about the words you use.

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