These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Well Known as Social Outcasts

There are Zodiacs which are popular and make friends easily. And then there are the loners. 

The stars have some saying in this as well. How we act around others and how people perceive us depends on our star sign. When you are a favorite, there are too many expectations. Sometimes it is a burden. 

This is especially true for Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, which are actual social butterflies. On the other hand, some Zodiacs are outcasts. 


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This sign is like forming intense and special bonds rather than being everyone’s friend. They even avoid making small talk with just anyone. This is what makes them anti-social in most people’s eyes.

They have a few trustworthy friends – they prefer having a small circle of best friends rather than being on good terms with just anyone. This is their way of avoiding being disappointed by others.


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They don’t like sugarcoating things, so they may not be very diplomatic. They have friends, but they don’t make one easily. On the other hand, Virgo tends to be strict and critical, which I guess a few can take.

They are not bothered by what others think as long as they feel good about themselves. This is because they know that their real friends like them as they are.


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There are thousands of other more important things than being famous. They do have friends, don’t get me wrong. But their circle is small since they are not big fans of trying too hard. So the first impression is that they are strict and weird.


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