These 3 Men’s Zodiac Signs Are a Nightmare for Every Woman

If you fall for any of these Zodiacs – you better run as far away as possible. This may be a fun lesson, but it is a lesson. There is some truth to these pieces of information. 


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The most emotional Zodiac, Cancer, is constantly feeling something. There are so many emotions it became too hard to handle. 

Since he’s under the influence of the Moon, their emotions are often out of control. So you are lucky if he falls for you – it is now and forever. 

But if he is between two minds, then walk away. Remember, you are their date, not their psychiatrist. If you feel your date is a session, run as far away as possible.

2. Capricorn

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Capricorn is under the influence of Saturn and will make you stay by his side forever. Capricorn likes to introduce many rules. 

If you fall for one, it will test your patience for a long time until you realize it’s too much. But, on the other hand, if you leave him, he will suffer for a long time. 

Pain is always exaggerated, and not everyone can take that much. So just leave him be the depressed and overwhelming as it is.


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Being influenced by Venus is not a good thing. Taurus is stubborn and will drain all of your energy. It is as pragmatic as it is, but it doesn’t know how to handle emotion.

They are romantic, but only once in a blue moon. Their words hurt more than stones – it’s easier to be harsh than to say some loving words. 

But why would you suffer because the Taurus is incapable of love? Find someone better and leave the Taurus be!

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