Their Names Are Always on The Front Page: The 3 Scandal Queens of The Zodiac

They do not care about others’ opinions – they do as they please! 

Women are not trustworthy and know how to get what they want. They might cause trouble, and if you know their Zodiac, you can dodge the bullet. Let the Zodiac tell you which women are the fatal ones. 

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No one has the right to judge others, especially regarding adventure adventures in the sack. But even if you have a wild side, the imagination and mischief of these women might shock you. So here are the biggest sinners. 


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Her $exuality is hard to detain and even harder to keep up with. But, no matter how much she is in love with you, she will always find joy in someone else’s arms (and bed).

On one side, she cannot function if she is not fascinated. On the other, she quickly gets bored with her over. She loves passionately and lives every day like it’s her last one. 

She is a bit masculine in a way. She is a hunter and the best at flirting and making moves on someone. She enjoys the thrill of the chase. But, on the other hand, she likes a challenge, and if you are easy to win over, she might get bored quickly.


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For a woman, $ex is a life philosophy. It’s incredible how easily she changes partners. In the morning, she is in the sack getting freaky with a mysterious stranger, after she is in the warm embrace of her man. In both cases, she is all in. 

She is two-faced, and she can handle sitting on two chairs. She enjoys playing rough but also making tender love. A threesome is her utmost fantasy.

No one will ever know the exact number of the Gemini.


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She is a prisoner of love. She loves to make love more than anything. It is a kind of mediation and nirvana – all in one. She always gives 100% and is open to trying out all $ex fantasies. Unlike other spinners, she is faithful. Her heart, however, is not. 

Out of all the baddies, she is the most honest one. She has the soul of the child trapped in the body of a sex goddess. Every relationship of hers is passionate, complicated, but true. 

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