Their Weakest Points: What Are Horoscope Signs Most Afraid Of?

Aries are afraid of dependence on others

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At first glance, the members of this sign are very independent and self-confident, but their attitude is often camouflaged. In fact, they are afraid of depending on others because they dictate their mood.

They need support and attention from close people otherwise, they become insecure or depressed. Then they take on the characteristics of “Negative Libra” – the characteristics of insecurity, indecision, passivity, great fatigue and frustration.

Taurus is afraid of insecurity

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Whether in love, finances, or business terms, the biggest inner fear of members of this sign is insecurity and the feeling that they are not in control of the situation. So it will take them a long time in relationships to gain trust in a partner and lose the feeling that they are the ones who may love more.

If they feel bad, they take on the characteristics of “negative Scorpios” – possessiveness, anger, blame, vengefulness.

The Gemini fear they are not good enough

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As communicative and expressive as they are, members of this sign are aware that they are changeable in mood and quite complicated.

Although they have a large number of people around them with whom they agree, they secretly doubt whether they love and accept them for what they are.

In crisis situations, they take on the characteristics of “negative Sagittarians” – they do not want to listen to other people’s explanations, their heads are in the clouds and they become sarcastic.

Cancer fears underestimation

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Members of this sign are pretty sensitive to how essential others perceive them in their lives. Their insecurity comes to the fore in situations where they feel neglected, unloved, or criticized for not doing something right.

Then they take on the characteristics of a “negative Capricorn” – they become pessimistic, withdraw and feel sorry for themselves.

Leo fears that people will stop loving him

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Loss of position and public humiliation are situations in which members of this sign will show their weaknesses. For example, suppose their needs and desires are accidentally ignored. In that case, their inner insecurity comes to the fore – that they do not mean as much to their neighbors as they think they should.

Then they take on the characteristics of “negative Aquarius” – arrogance, sarcasm, withdrawal, and running away from those who hurt him.

Virgo is afraid that others will “read” her

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Members of this sign are accustomed to having a cold-blooded mask that few can pierce, but it serves to hide internal insecurities.

Their primary complex is that they are not as good, hardworking, capable or charming as they leave an impression. So they feel constant pressure to maintain an excellent first impression.

In stressful situations, they take on the characteristics of “negative Pisces” – they are tearful, emotional, destructive and hysterical.

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