THE NOTORIOUS “IT’S NOT YOU, IT’S ME “: This makes horoscope signs say bye-bye

It’s not you; it’s me is the cheesiest break-up line ever.

So, let us solve the mystery once for all – is it really them? 

Maybe the solution lies in your sign or better yet, the dominant side of your sign, according to the “”Thought catalog “.

Find out why you suck at dating or why you might still be into your ex…


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Aries is independent, enthusiastic and curious. He enjoys the perks of life, so he won’t take an interest in a lazy and clingy lover who isn’t into having the time of their lives.


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If there are perfect words to describe a Taurus, these should be stability and order. Taurus is meticulous and has a certain way of doing things. An impulsive partner who doesn’t give things a second thought is not a good match for Taurus.


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Mischievous, the most fun and talkative. He will choose someone who can keep up with his wild imagination and wit, but who also doesn’t mind him being surrounded by many people ( by people, we mean girls). 


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Cancer is reliable, caring and faithful and greatly important to his relationship. If his other half doesn’t respect his family and friends, consider it a done thing. Also if his partner doesn’t show compassion or empathy for others, he will call it quits.


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Leo likes being in the spotlight and being admired. He thrives on being the center of attention and he will be the happiest if you treat him like that. If not, then it’s not meant to be.


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Virgos are practical, responsible and meticulous. If things aren’t in a certain order and their partner doesn’t have the same values, they lose their interest.

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