The Goddess of $ex: 11 Things That Tell You Are the Queen In the Bed

Contrary to popular beliefs, you don’t have to know the Kama Sutra by heart to be the $ex goddess. Here are 11 things that show you are a freak in the sheets


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According to $ex therapist Ian Kerner, it is essential to be open to trying out new things and listening to your mind or your partner. He advises you to leave the prejudice behind you and listen to your body’s urges. Maybe this will open up some fantasies which spice up your $ex life.


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What regular people see as a sofa, you see it as a great way to do it the doggy style. Or what is a bra to an ordinary girl? For you, it is a tool for a bit of S&M. The author of the book “The Surprising Secrets of Happy Couples,” $ex therapist Pepper Schwartz, says that being innovative and searching for new ways to get freaky is crucial for becoming a great lover.


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It is normal to think about $ex before going to sleep or feel turned on by the sexy, buffed guy at the gym. $ex is not just emotional, but it is also about our thoughts. So, don’t throw away the dirty ideas you have during the day. On the contrary, let them guide you and give you confidence.


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Being an emphatic lover can take the $ex to the next level. We don’t say you should always put your partners’ needs first, but sometimes it is good to let someone else take charge. Maybe your boyfriend likes morning $ex better, or perhaps he prefers missionary? It is essential to be good to your partner, so he can return the favor. We promise it will pay off.


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According to Schwartz, if you want to be good in the sack, you have to have an open mind. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme, but you should focus on having fun. For example, if your partner wants to try a threesome and you don’t feel like it, you can say no. But when it comes to spice it up, you should be prone to trying out something new.


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When we talk about self-love, we don’t mean just mentally. Someone who can get in touch with their body and practice self-love will have better $ex. Women sometimes forget how good a self-made orgasm can be or feel embarrassed to admit masturbating. So here is a tip: let your partner watch you touch yourself. He will like it.


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