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The Ethical Code of Native Americans: 20 Secrets to A Happy Life

The ethical code of Native Americans can inspire us all to make changes in our life…

1. Pray in the sunrise 

Wake up with the sun and pray. Pray alone and often. Then one day, the Great Spirit will listen to your prayers.

2. Be compassionate 

Be kind and tolerant to those who are on the wrong path. Ignorance, anger, and jealousy come from lost souls. Pray for them to find their way again.

3. Road to self-discovery

Find yourself. Do not let others tell you in which direction to go. This is your path and yours only. Others can go with you, but no one can do it for you. 

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4. The best host 

Be kind to your guests. Serve the best food, offer them the most comfortable place to sleep, and be fair and righteous to your guests.

5. No stealing 

Do not take what is not yours – from people, nature, or culture. It is not yours if you did not earn it or were given it.

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