The 3 Biggest Flirts of The Zodiac

According to the stars, some are kings of flirting while others are terrible at it. These are the four biggest flirts of the Zodiac.

3. LEO

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They are impossible to resist because of their direct and imaginative approach. Leo is confident and has a smile that will light up the room. They are the hunks and know all the important people of the town. You will feel like royalty, and I will show you what a true gentleman is. 

The Leo is in it to win it. It enjoys every step of seduction and likes the thrill of the chase. They are passionate lovers, and you are in for a wild ride.


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Once a Scorpio enters the room, all eyes are on them. Her gaze touches you in the heart, and she will flirt endlessly once she has her eyes on you. Scorpio is good at body language and will read it while carefully listening to you.

You are unaware you have been chosen by the Scorpio. They are kinky in the sack and have the stamina for a long night of lovemaking.


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Three words: compassionate, understanding, and full of love in every single moment. They have a big heart to hold all your fears, ups and downs. Cancer will be your best friend and your shoulder to cry on.

A friendship develops into a loving relationship. You should consider this on your next coffee date with your bestie. Cancer will help boost your confidence, and the $ex is just out of this world.

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